Green, the colour of Freedom.

9 May

Fashion is a worldwide phenomenon and it is conceived in a very different way all over the world. Of course it is influenced by various factors, culture, tradition -though these tend  to have less and less importance, in the era of globalization it is difficult to find a country that manages to keep its personal identity completely isolated and intact, unspoiled- and sometimes politics as well. This is the case of some Middle Eastern countries, this is the case of Iran. My best friend is from Teheran, and I thought it might be interesting to share here a video we made the other day on this topic. UNFORTUNATELY my computer skills are very close to none, and I just can’t upload it, the only possible solution that came to my mind was to transcribe the whole thing!

Here it is, hope you find it interesting:)

(M=Mana; I=Isa)

I: hello everyone!This is Mana, my best friend, she’s from Iran!I thought it would be interesting to know how fashion is considered in Iran..Mana, what do you think about it?

M:In Iran its’ very different from Europe or the US, the government there obliges women to cover themselves, though they are not as strict as, for example, Saudi Arabia, girls are not allowed to wear what they wish! You have to wear a scarf or a chador over your hair at all times and neither your ankles nor your arms must show.

I: From what you said it sounds like women have no chance of expressing themselves, is that correct?

M: Of course these rules are a huge limit, but, what can I say, fashion always finds its way! Jokes aside, since miniskirts and tight low-cut shirts are absolutely off-limits girls tend to focus more on accessories. Bags and heels for sure occupy a big part of a teenager’s closet! I find it funny, here in Italy you do not see seventeen or eighteen year old girls walking in heels a lot, if not when going to a club, while in the streets of Teheran it is very common. Also both teens and grown women always have makeup on, red lipstick and mascara is how to spot a Iranian woman! As i said if you are not allowed to show your body then you have nothing left but to buy a nice bag and a “sexy”- but never trashy, Iranians have style -pair of heels to catch someone’s attention!

I: what about colours? is any colour prohibited?and your hair?can you dye it?

M: well, as far as colours are concerned, green is in no-no. After last year’s riots green in Iran became the colour of freedom and now we are not allowed to wear anything green, not even nail polish! My bracelet reads ” I am Neda” ,a girl killed last year while protesting in the streets who is now the symbol of freedom,  and it is green.

You can dye your hair, but not blonde! I had blonde hair last year and I had to dye it back to my natural colour…

I: Wow, those are a lot of rules…do you want to tell us something about bracelets, earings and necklaces?Jewelery in general?

M: Sure! as I said before accessories is how girls show their style, their personality, and what’s “in” this year is gold and semi precious stones, especially turquoise!

Ok well so I hope you liked this “interview”, and sorry again if I couldn’t upload the video directly:)


One Response to “Green, the colour of Freedom.”

  1. Mana May 9, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    Wow isa this was just amazing !!!!!!! Ily

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