Shoes are never enough!

14 May

Hey everyone!

Marilyn Monroe used to sing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in “Gentlemen prefer Blondes” , however my best friend are shoes for sure!

These are a selection of shoes that have just joined my collection, or hopefully will join it SOON:D

These are a pair of beautiful floral wedges by Jeffery Campbell:

These instead are for sure less expensive but still a must for this summer, especially if your complexion is not as pale as mine.. (Zara)


Also by Zara these colourful heels would look perfect on everyone!

 Don’t be afraid to wear flashy colours during summer, it’s the whole point of having a tan!

These heels are certainly the ones I will buy first, black is an evergreen plus the golden details couldn’t complete the shoe in a better way:)

by Ixos

          (the second pair are the flat version of the first)

Last but not least I would suggest everyone to have one pair, if not a couple, of espadrillas. You can find them in any colour, my mom and dad in the Eighties couldn’t live without them!Plus they are like 10 euros:D

this is the high version:

I think I should start saving up some money, it looks like a very long list of “must-have” shoes for the summer!



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