18 May


Hey everyone!

I’m sure the shocking pink heading is pretty self-explaining, but I thought it fit the post well, plus I was in the mood of some Paint:)

I belive there is no equation as true as this one(summer=color),to be honest, I’m one of those girls that loves wearing blue, gray, brown, dark green and black, but this summer, maybe more than all the past ones, colors are the new black!

I’d like to share with you a few items that are on my summer wish-list, all of them are, of course, VERY colourful:

First of all I’d like to buy AT LEAST another pair of espadrillas, you know how much I love them from my other post, I only have them in black and I’d like to get them in green, red and yellow as well.  Here in Florence you can find them for just 10 euros, a reasonable price since usually they don’t last longer than two or three months!

Also, I absolutely NEED these:


I don’t really know if I’d be able to walk on those heels, but damn, I really want them! They’re so feminine yet aggressive, I’d feel the most confident girl on the planet! If you can pull off a pair of those pop color shoes I’m sure you’re ready to conquer the world –

As I said I’m not THAT sure I’d be able to walk in those, that’s why I NEED- “need” has officialy become my word of the day- a pair of super colorful flats, just like these:


These “Glue Cinderella” flats (Kartell) are by an Italian Interior Design Company, I say they should consider broadening their horizons, what do you think?

Next up we’ve got bags, what do you think of these Furla bags? They’re really popular here in Italy and personally I find them super fun and perfect for the summer! Make sure NOT to get one if you have something to hide-maybe a gun?!- they’re transparent handbags:)

Nail polishes, that’s what I’d like! My birthday’s getting closer every day and I think all I can get from my younger  brothers are a couple of nail polishes..


Moving on, I suggest everyone, and again, by everyone I mean EVERYONE, to have a nice pair of cotton pants, they’re fresh, simple, and perfect for every occasion!:)



Oh, if they only had them in bright green too…


The one last thing I’d like to have in my wardrobe-I kind of feel like a shopaholic, my list is endless O.o- is this amazing pink Zara blazer, just what I need for the hot Italian summer:)


They also have it in a lighter hue of pink..(Zara)

Woah, I’m done, it took me a while! What do you think? Is your summer wish-list as long as mine?



3 Responses to “Summer=Colors”

  1. Lydia May 19, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    Great blog on Fashion! I love your comments!! 🙂

  2. izzyb91 May 19, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    Thank you very much Lydia!!!

  3. Elisabetta May 21, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    Brava amore mio, evviva i colori!!!

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