A bit of shopping with my daddy:)

22 May

Hey everyone!

This morning was so much fun, really!I’d like to say it was the BEST morning of my life, but I can’t, the best morning of my life has to be when my parents bought me all the Dragon Ball dvds. I’ve never been happier. Though this morning exceeded my expectations, and it’s enough.

My dad took me and my twelve-year-old brother, who literally was a pain in the neck, to a local street market. There were loads of stands that had interesting stuff: I saw some vintage items(bags-one really looked like one of my mom’s – belts, sunglasses, scarves etc), toys and comics – for a moment I went back to my childhood – then there was food and CANDY, books and furniture. However the one stand that immediately caught my attention was the one selling FABRICS.  It had so many different ones, silk, cotton, a bit of everything,  plus they were raising money for a charity organization so it was for a good cause. The Lions Club PonteVecchio was making some money to train guide dogs, I HAD to buy something.

These are some pictures I took:





This is what I bought:)

I thought I could make out of the super-bright-yellow one a  kind of loose jacket and a pair of shorts, out of the pink one a summer dress and I still don’t know how to use the light purple one, any ideas?!


I was assured the Queen of England has a dress made of the SAME fabric! exciting huh?

I love this pink, and it’s so soft to the touch!!

This baby over here is torturing me, I really don’t know what I could make out of it, maybe a skirt?


I’ll use these two silky ones to make a two layer maxi dress, good idea?

How was your day?was it as nice as mine?



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