4 Different Looks-

24 May

Hey everyone!

Despite this being one of the toughest weeks ever – my finals are just round the corner – I always find some time for the blog:) Just yesterday one of my best friends introduced me to Polyvore.com, this amazing site where you can create outfits like the ones I posted! It’s like a drug now –

As I said, I shared here on Voglioperdertempo (for the non-Italian speakers, the name of the blog means “I wanna waste my time”) all the looks I created thanks to Polyvore, but I thought I should also spare a couple of words to explain to everyone the reason of my choices:)

Let’s start from the one I called  “Carpe Black” (“carpe diem”- “carpe black”, yes, call me nerdy, I find it witty! and at that moment no other name for the set occurred to my mind) : well, if I had 3,000 euros in my wallet I guess that’s how I would use them! I absolutely love the sheer lace blouse by Philip Lim, black is probably my favourite color and I find that top extremely classy and elegant yet not at all “old-like”. The vast majority of the people I know always associate classy/elegant to old-like, that is far from being true, in fact the vast majority of the people I know have no taste at all. The bright pink pants totally fit my mantra, wear colors,  you will shine of a new light.  The shoes are an ever green, Louboutin, do I really have to add something? As the blouse is not just a plain black one( 450$, of course it’s not just a plain black one…) I wouldn’t add any necklaces, though if you absolutely can’t live without one, try to keep it simple. The clutch is perfect, I’m a big fan of skulls right now, I still LOVE life, but they kind of take my rocker side out, I feel strong and confident!

“Immortal black”: I pinky promise I’ll start using other colors as well!  This look is not just for a walk down the road, it’s for a special night! The dress is very short, you could add leggings to cover up some skin!I really like this outfit, the clutch is amazing – I love how it shines – though my favourite thing has to be the ring, I’d wear it everyday – I really do have this thing of wearing my favourite stuff over and over again till it falls apart –

“For a Stylish Woman”: hey, you see? I kept my promise, this outfit is suuuuuper colorful compared to the other ones! When choosing the jacket and the pants I thought of what my mom would wear and I came up with this… she’s a very eccentric person while I’m not – though I understand it could seem differently -, I really don’t like it when people stare at me because of the way I’m dressed. The short-cropped jacket is very feminine and I think it looks nice with the kind of baggy Gucci pants. I have two pairs of Rayban wayfarer shades, if you don’t have any yet I suggest you rush to the closest store and get them in your favourite color! From what I’ve seen feather earrings this year are a must, I still don’t know what I think about them to be honest, I wouldn’t want to look like a parrot, but everyone seems to like them and they’re not that bad in the end, at least not the ones I chose for this outfit!

” I love Biker Boots”, I really do. Since till this last look I had only used heels and I rarely wear them, I thought I was kind of fooling myself, this is why I started the outfit with a pair of black Belstaff leather boots. Here in Florence the weather is torturing me, I’m an atypical Italian and I really hate summer and these boiling days, despite my personal opinions though I had to face the truth: it’s time for shorts and tank tops. I can hear a feeble voice at the back of my head screaming “noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, please, noooooooooooooooooo”, but there’s nothing I can do about it, as I said, it’s time for spaghetti t-shirts and teeny tiny mini skirts. This gets us to the point, I chose a pair of white lace shorts to go with the boots because I admit summer has come but I’m just not QUITE ready for sandals, yet – also, in case the temperatures get cooler you have the Topshop jacket to save you!Amazing, huh? I am absolutely sure one day I’ll have enough money to afford a Chanel bag, and, when that day comes, I’ll be the happiest person on the planet. I added the Yves Saint Laurent agate necklace – I dream of having that too – just to give the look that special something I still haven’t found a word for, what do you think?

Which is your favourite look? Do you like them?



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