Necklaces on a red background-

28 May

Hey everyone!

my twelve year-old-brother and his friends are in the other room screaming like crazy and there’s no way I can study with this noise, so what to do? a new post, of course; and where to find the right material?  in my mom’s closet, of course.

These are some of her necklaces, hope you like them!




This is my favourite one, it is kind of heavy but I absolutely love it!


This one is also very nice in my opinion, I like the way the white pearls stand out on a tanned skin in the summer:)

This one is by Angela Caputi, an Italian designer.


These are several ones, my mom and I got the kind of ethnic ones from an Indian guy here in Florence who made them himself, the turquoise one comes from Bangladesh and I got the black and gold one in London!

This one is sooooo cute!I love it!!!

which is your favourite?

I have no idea why all my pictures end up having a red background, I guess it’ll have to be a tradition from now on!



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