Presents/Things I bought

5 Jun

hey everyone!

As I said more than once I’ve been pretty busy, and to be totally honest I still am, but despite that, I try my best to still find a couple of moments for myself and the blog. I also told you about the closing dinner party Luisaviaroma is hosting and all the problems and concerns I’m going through, finding some cool animalier stuff is not easy, believe me. My parents have just come back from a trip to London and knowing about the dress code my dad bought me something, something I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF WEARING.

here it is ( as I am too embarrassed to wear it I thought my teddy bear Bruno could be the perfect model, it fits his bow tie so well):

These instead are the wedges from Jeffrey Campbell I finally bought! don’t you just love them too???

These are some other random shoes I got last week; first of all another (yes, I’m obsessed) pair of espadrillas, then a pair of animalier flats from H&M (I went against my own rules but they were so cute!!!), last but not least a pair of yellow sandals! I LOVE THEM

I also got a feather necklace ( as I said more than once I’m not that sure about feathers but how can I know if I really do look like a Polynesian parrot if I never tried?), a fake gold necklace and an animalier headband… what do you think?




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