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30 Aug


I’m back!!

24 Aug

Hey all,

Ok so I haven’t posted here in something like ages, I’ll just say I didn’t have anything interesting to write about, so I decided to wait for some good old inspiration, not that I got any tbh.

Ive been living in London for nearly a year now, and Im still not used to it. I feel kind of homesick at times, I miss not speaking Italian and having some good gelato by the Duomo or a strong eSpresso with my friends; but that does not mean I don’t enjoy living here. Not at all.

This is my second year at Istituto Marangoni where I Study fashion design and I really do live it. Sometimes I feel a little bit out of place though, some girls just seem to be interested in what I belIeve are trivial matters . I absolutely do not intend to be judgemental it’s just that I am totally opposite to this and sometimes I just rather read a nice book and not go on a shoe hunt, not that I don’t like it- no no.

For me fashion is like art, and so is drawing: I love creating clothes- not literally though, my sewing skills still have to improve quite a bit-and I wish someday I will find my place in the fashion system.

I promise I’ll try to post more this year not just about fashion but whatever im interested in, from literature to art and whatever comes to my mind

Please, bare with me, I can be quite boring at times.

Xxx isa